Hi, I’m David. I’m a Squarespace SEO Expert!


I’ve been serving Squarespace clients since 2014 as a freelancer, an agency owner, and now doing SEO on my Squarespace freelancer marketplace, Sixty. That said, I take on a few clients to help pay the bills and its super fun helping them get more business by replicating the same tricks I use on Sixty.

Aside from serving clients doing SEO, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to date helping them with everything from digital marketing to workflow automation. A majority of them I’ve built Squarespace sites for.


Two of my SEO Projects

On Demand

It currently ranks #4 on Google for “Squarespace Help”, one of the most trafficed Squarespace queries with roughly 3600 unique visitors. (It’s hard to beat Squarespace, who owns the top 3 positions.)


Showcase ranks #1 on Google for about a dozen variants of people searching for Squarespace website inspiration. For example, search “Squarespace portfolio examples”. We rank top 3 for a few dozen other variants of that, and are on the first page of Google for a few hundred more. These “longtail pages” collectively capture thousands of unique visitors per month from Google.

How my services work

Believe it or not, ranking high on Google is a straightforward process. How we’ll get your website there is by working together live via screenshare with Sixty’s On Demand sessions (at least to start). This is the most cost effective way for me to serve you and you can book me at-will. You’ll want to book 1 hour to start.

During our first session, we’ll work through the following three steps:

  1. Clarify Goals - We go over your business goals, so we can confirm that SEO is a tactic that will achieve them

  2. Identify Keywords - Identify which keywords you want to rank for

  3. Personalize Strategy – Put together a personalized plan for how to

Based on your specific needs, I’ll put together a set of actionable for either you or I to execute on. Then we’ll setup a followup call to reconvene.

Ready to Get free Google traffic?

I’m currently taking 3 more SEO clients. To get started, book me for 1 hour below. I look forward to getting to know you, learning about your business, and making you money!


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